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How it works

We partner with local chefs and restaurants to bring your school homestyle and delicious options. We offer 4-6 menu items daily & cycle menus weekly.

Vegan? Keep kosher? We've got you covered. Our team works with each school to make sure there are options that all students can enjoy. Check out our sample menu below ↓

Our menu

🐣 Kid-friendly

Our menus and portion sizes are catered to age, with plenty of "Mini Pancakes" in Elementary Schools, and a few more "XL Turkey Wraps" for High Schools.

🥜 Allergen safe

All meals delivered through Ordo are 100% nut-free. We balance our rotating menu so that we always have Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and Dairy-free options available.

🍝 Plenty of choices

Our mission is to provide something for every student. We keep at least 4-6 items available daily, and our menu rotates weekly so there's always something new to try.

🎒 Personalized to schools

Every school has different needs, and we work with the administration to design menus that suit the dietary needs of your school's community.

🥦 Wholesome ingredients

We work with local chefs to design meals that feel homemade. We don't serve Kraft. With Ordo, your family will enjoy things like baked macaroni and steamed broccoli.

🍕 Local favorites

We partner with local faves to offer special food days, like pizza on Mondays from a local pizzeria, or smoothies from a nearby juicery once a month.

Sample dishes

When it comes to food, we'd rather show than tell. Here are some photos to give you a sense of a daily menu:

Chicken Shawarma Bowl + Pita

Chicken Shawarma Bowl + Pita

Cheeseburgers + Tater Tots

Cheeseburgers + Tater Tots